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We are a Charter Member of the International Association of Firefighters, which was organized in 1918.  When the IAFF was organized, many departments worked 1/2 their lives on shift.  24 Hours on duty, followed by 24 Hours off duty.  Their apparatus was sub standard and their working conditions, personal protective equipment, wages, and benefits were sub standard at best.  Those who came before us addressed many of those issues, for that we must never forget their sacrifice. 

While our working environment is much better today than it was just a short time ago, we must never lose focus!  This Union will remain a leader in promoting safe working conditions.  We must have the equipment and training necessary to do our job safely and effectively so that we will return home at the end of our shift.  We must have competitive wages and benefits so that we are able to attract individuals to this great profession who may have chosen other careers in the past. 

Recently, we worked with the city to improve our radio communications.  At times we were unable to communicate with other firefighters who were on the same incident scene.  We worked with the Chief and his Staff to improve hazardous material training and medical training for our members. 

Currently we have around 210 members who serve the citizens of Springfield in various ways. 

Division I: The majority of our members serve in Division I or "Fire/Rescue". Division I responds from 12 Stations.  We staff 12 Engine Companies, 3 Truck Companies, and 2 Battalion Cars.  Our Engine and Truck companies are staffed by a minimum of one officer and two firefighters.  Each Battalion Chief has a Captain assigned to the car; that Captain serves as the safety officer at incident scenes.  In addition, we have members on call for Hazardous Material Response, Technical Rescue, and Water Rescue. 

Division II: One of our most important, yet often overlooked divisions is "Fire Safety".  Eight of our Union brothers serve in Fire Safety.  They are responsible for enforcing fire and building codes, building inspection, declaring unsafe structures, discovering the origin and cause of every fire, recruitment and public education. 

Division III: Two of our members serve in Division III; both are Battalion Chiefs who are responsible for Department Training and Department Safety.  The safety officer investigates every accident or injury.  It is their responsibility to suggest ways to make all of us safer by not repeating unsafe tactics or bad habits.  Many of his recommendations become future training topics, which is the responsibility of our education officer.  Entry level firefighters are members of Division III until their 14 week training is complete. 

Division IV: Technical Services Division.  Our newest Division of the Springfield Fire Department is responsible for computer and radio communications.



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